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We are here to shape a new category in the proptech space, to write our own chapter in the future of home buying.

"For years, I have been obsessed with trying to imagine how people will buy homes in the future. It’s harder than it sounds. We don’t travel, take taxis, or watch television the same way we did 10 years ago and yet, the process behind this monumental step that many people dream of taking in their lives (and many do!) has remained largely unchanged for decades. Why?

The majority of the journey still takes place offline, the number of moving parts and people involved have still not been consolidated, and quality information is still extremely hard to find. Homebuyers are left to navigate this complex world in the dark, while brokers, real estate agents, and banks have to carry the weight of bureaucracy. This puts stress on the entire ecosystem. Each person is trying to protect their own interest, leaving little to no room for collaboration and innovation, and once the transaction is done, everyone is just glad it’s over.

We are here to change this. We believe that the entire home buying experience can (and should) contribute to that once-in-a-lifetime feeling of holding the keys to your own home in your hand.

When we set out on our mission, we started by solving a painful step in the home buying process {cue dramatic music}: getting a mortgage. In less than 12 months, we became the market leader in the UAE.

Now, our mission goes way beyond that. We don’t just want to fix a small part of the journey. We are here to shape a new category in the proptech space, to write our own chapter in the future of home buying.

Today we’re launching a new positioning to match that ambition. A brand that more accurately represents the impact we’re here to make.

The new brand is an invitation to everyone in the ecosystem to get involved, to join our mission of challenging how things have always been done. Buying a house is (for most) a once-in-a-lifetime transaction that requires equal parts brain and heart, and depends as much on humans as it depends on technology. This duality is the essence of our new brand. From our photography and illustration styles to using two fonts and two color palettes, we’re capturing both the rational and emotional elements involved in this journey.

Announcing this change is just the beginning, and we’ll gradually be rolling out the new look across our channels in the coming weeks. A special shoutout to every person in the Experience Team, and our branding partner, CODEA. We truly believe we’re making history, and until then, I am extremely grateful to be able to continue imagining with the people at Huspy.

Let’s fly!

Love, David"

Written by Huspy Team

Published on 14 April 2021

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