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Can I include my spouse on my mortgage?

Thinking of sharing the mortgage burden with your spouse? This guide explains the pros and cons of joint mortgages in UAE, including affordability, requirements, and alternative options.

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Can I buy property with my spouse?

The short answer is yes! A husband and wife, or blood relatives, can apply for a joint mortgage.

With a joint mortgage, each owner will be named on the property deeds and will be jointly responsible for repaying the mortgage.

When you include your partner on your mortgage, you can specify the percentage share each investor has in the property, and this will be stated on the title deed issued by the Land Department on completion of the transfer. For most married couples, the percentage share will be 50/50.House hunting with your partner in Dubai? Great! But when it comes to financing, a big question arises: should you get a joint mortgage? Let's explore both sides!

The benefits of sharing the mortgage:

  • Doubled buying power: Lenders consider combined income, meaning you could qualify for a bigger home!

  • Shared responsibility: Both contribute financially, easing the burden on each other.

  • Simplified process: One joint application saves time and hassle compared to separate mortgages.

What your spouse needs to bring:

  • Similar documents as you: ID, bank statements, proof of income, etc.

  • No income is okay: The primary applicant's income must suffice.

  • Use our mortgage calculator: Estimate monthly payments and budget accordingly.

But don't forget these alternatives:

  • Separate finances: Keep things independent if using personal funds or pre-marital savings.

  • Estate planning: Owning solo allows you to choose heirs freely.

  • Protecting assets: If your spouse has credit issues, keeping them off protects your investment.

Remember: This is a big decision! Weigh the pros and cons, consider your unique circumstances, and consult a mortgage expert for personalized guidance.

If you need help, our Mortgage Consultants are here for you! 😋

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Written by Huspy Team

Published on 1 August 2021

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