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Can I take out a personal loan to fund my deposit on a Dubai property?

In the UAE, using a personal loan to subsidize a down payment or deposit for a property purchase is not permitted under current UAE Central Bank Mortgage Regulations

Understanding Mortgage Regulations in the UAE

In the UAE, using a personal loan to subsidize a down payment or deposit for a property purchase is not permitted under current UAE Central Bank Mortgage Regulations.

Implemented on December 28, 2013, these regulations aim to safeguard consumers and lenders from overexposure and mitigate the risks of another property market bubble.

Before these regulations were enforced, relying on short-term lending through personal loans posed significant challenges.

With a maximum personal loan term of 48 months and higher interest rates compared to mortgages, personal loans were far from an ideal solution.

The Role of Al Etihad Credit Bureau

In recent years, the Al Etihad Credit Bureau has played a pivotal role in enhancing transparency and accountability in the lending landscape. With the introduction of a credit scoring system, the bureau is now utilized by all banks and lenders to record various types of loans and credit facilities.

This means that consumers cannot obtain a personal loan from one bank while simultaneously applying for a mortgage with another lender.

Engaging in such practices can lead to serious consequences, including the potential retraction of loan offers by one or both providers, jeopardizing property deposits and funding requirements.

Exploring Alternatives for Deposit Shortfalls

While the limitations on personal loans for down payments may seem restrictive, there are viable alternatives for buyers facing deposit shortfalls.

One such option includes leveraging existing property assets or exploring under-construction units through payment plans. For instance, buyers with existing property in the UAE or abroad may have the opportunity to borrow against the equity of their current holdings.

By leveraging the equity, buyers can secure a down payment for a new property, subject to maximum affordability limits set by the UAE Central Bank.

Buying Under Construction: Risks and Rewards

Buying under-construction units presents another avenue for property acquisition. However, it's essential for buyers to understand the inherent risks associated with this strategy.

Potential delays in handover, changes in the buyer's financial situation, and the need to pay rent while the unit remains uninhabitable are factors that buyers must consider carefully.

Despite the risks, purchasing under construction can offer opportunities for acquiring properties at competitive prices and tailored payment plans.

Navigating the nuances of property acquisition in the UAE requires careful consideration of regulatory frameworks, available alternatives, and associated risks.

By understanding the regulations and exploring alternative financing options, buyers can make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals and aspirations.

Written by Huspy Team

Published on 5 February 2024

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