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Do you know what EIBOR is?

Confused by EIBOR? You're not alone! This guide explains what EIBOR is, how it affects loans, mortgages, and businesses in the UAE, and why staying informed is key.

Ever heard of EIBOR and wondered what it means? Don't worry, you're not alone! This term can be confusing, but it's actually pretty important if you live or do business in the UAE. Here's the lowdown:

What is EIBOR?

Think of EIBOR (Emirates Interbank Offered Rate) as the "going rate" for banks to lend money to each other in the UAE. It's like a reference point that other interest rates, like those on your loan or mortgage, are based on.

How does EIBOR work?

Imagine a group of banks in the UAE, like Bank A, Bank B, and Bank C. Every day, they anonymously tell each other what interest rate they'd charge to lend money. Then, those rates are averaged out to get the EIBOR for different lengths of time (overnight, one month, etc.). It's like taking the average price of apples from different stores.

Why should you care about EIBOR?

Because it affects the interest rates you pay on things like loans, mortgages, and even savings accounts. So, if EIBOR goes up, your loan might get more expensive. If it goes down, you might see better deals on mortgages.

Staying informed about EIBOR helps you:

  • Budget better: Knowing how EIBOR might change can help you prepare for higher or lower borrowing costs.

  • Make smarter financial decisions: You can time things like getting a loan or refinancing when EIBOR is low.

  • Understand the UAE financial market: EIBOR reflects the country's economic health, so keeping an eye on it gives you a broader picture.

Remember: EIBOR isn't just a financial term, it's a tool you can use to make informed decisions about your money in the UAE.

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Written by Huspy Team

Published on 2 February 2024

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