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How Huspy helps you help your mortgage clients

Real estate agents want the best for their clients. From having an informative and accurate property listing to making sure their client has the right mortgage insight and guidance.

But mortgages aren’t an area of expertise for most real estate agents; that’s where Huspy comes in!

How can partnering with Huspy benefit both you and your clients?

If you’re looking for an efficient way to support your mortgage clients and level up your real estate game, the Huspy Agent app is what you need. Manage all your mortgage cases, get real-time updates on the client’s mortgage application and have a dedicated Account Manager helping you and your clients on all things mortgage-related.

We’ve answered some of the most common questions buyers ask when it comes to getting a mortgage and how the Huspy mortgage process helps.

Why should I go to a mortgage broker instead of a bank?

A good mortgage broker, like Huspy, will have good relationships with, and excellent knowledge of, a large number of lenders. The benefit of this is that you’ll get a broader understanding of the deals that might work for you, instead of being limited to multiple products of just one lender.

How many lenders do you work with?

Huspy works with all major banks in the UAE and can help narrow down the mortgage offer search from over 15000 to the perfect one!

How will you help me decide which mortgage is best for me?

Your broker should be able to walk you through each mortgage option in detail, explaining the various features, and why they think it will be best for your personal circumstances.

What documents do I need?

Because a mortgage loan is so big - and therefore a huge risk to lenders - banks want to see as much proof as possible that you are a reliable, financially responsible borrower who will be able to pay back their loan without any issues. That proof comes in the form of paperwork. Lots of it.

To find out the extensive list of documents, check out our article.

What are the best interest rates available?

Interest rates are a percentage fee of your total loan amount that banks charge for their loan. You’ll have to repay this amount monthly on top of your capital payments. So ideally you’ll want to find the lowest interest rates so you’re not having to pay more to the bank than necessary.

Written by Huspy Team

Published on 12 December 2022

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