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How To Get A Golden Visa In Dubai | Ways & Benefits (2024)

Explore the 2024 updates to Dubai's Golden Visa, including real estate investment routes, benefits, and eligibility criteria for long-term residency

In 2024, Dubai announced crucial changes to its Golden Visa rules. These have significantly impacted the process for potential investors and expatriates.

These changes, particularly related to getting a Golden Visa through real estate investment, have opened new doors for those seeking long-term residency in Dubai. This article explores the essentials of the Golden Visa, its benefits, and the various ways that are available to get one.

What is a Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a strategic initiative launched by the United Arab Emirates in 2019. It's a 10-year renewable residency visa, offering non-nationals the chance to live, work, or study in the UAE while enjoying extended stay benefits.

Designed to attract skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors, the Golden Visa allows expatriates to establish long-term roots in Dubai.

The Benefits of a Golden Visa

Holders of the Golden Visa enjoy numerous advantages, including long-term residency and the ability to sponsor family members.

The visa allows for self-sponsorship, offering greater flexibility and independence. Additionally, visa holders can maintain their residency status even if they spend more than six months outside the UAE.

The Different Ways to Get a Golden Visa

There are several paths to obtaining a Golden Visa in Dubai. These include:

  1. Investment in Real Estate: Eligibility for a Golden Visa can be achieved through property investment, with recent rule changes removing the minimum down payment requirement.

  2. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs with an approved project of at least Dh 500,000 can apply.

  3. Specialized Talents and Researchers: This category includes scientists, artists, and professionals in various fields.

  4. Exceptional Students and Graduates: Outstanding academic achievers from UAE-accredited universities are also eligible.

  5. Humanitarian Pioneers and Frontline Heroes: Individuals with notable contributions in their respective fields can apply for this visa.

Golden Visa By Real Estate Investment

The 2024 updates have notably eased the requirements for obtaining a Golden Visa through real estate investment.

Previously, it was required to have invested at least Dh1 million of your own money into real estate to qualify for the Golden Visa.

Now, any property purchase of Dh2 million or more qualifies the investor for the visa, regardless of the payment structure or the amount paid upfront.

For ready properties, this means you could qualify for a Golden Visa by buying a property using a mortgage, with as little as 20% downpayment.

Or, you could qualify for a Golden Visa by buying an off-plan property, where initial down payments can be significantly lower.

These changes therefore make the Golden Visa significantly more accessible to people buying real estate.

Getting A Golden Visa In 2024

The recent amendments to Dubai's Golden Visa program reflect the UAE's commitment to attracting global talent and investment. By easing the financial barriers associated with property investment, the 2024 rule changes are poised to enhance Dubai's appeal as a destination for international investors and professionals.

For those considering making a long-term commitment to living and working in Dubai, the Golden Visa offers an attractive pathway filled with opportunities

Written by Joshua Hughes

Published on 23 January 2023

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