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Life at Huspy: Meet Mariam Malik

This week, we sit down with Mariam Malik, our CRM Solutions Engineer who thrives in fast-paced environments. She joined Huspy to contribute to a team focused on scalable and sustainable achievements. Mariam describes Huspy as "Hustling. Grounded. Rocketship."

With over 6 years of experience in Tech, Product, Operations, and Sales, Mariam, originally from Pakistan and now based in Dubai, has spearheaded critical projects at startups like Huspy, Swvl, and Uber. Known for excelling in dynamic environments, she thrives in both leadership and individual roles. Explore more about her impact at Huspy!

How would you describe your role to your parents?

My role is a mix of creating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions and managing product operations. My team and I work together to build technical solutions from start to finish. We start by brainstorming ideas for improvements, then propose technical solutions, build those solutions in the CRM system, thoroughly test them, and finally roll them out. These solutions help speed up growth, improve conversions on our platform, reduce turnaround times, and maintain data accuracy.

What does the CRM Team look like at Huspy?

The CRM team at Huspy serves as both a backend data hub and a tool for business representatives, operations, and leadership to monitor growth KPIs daily. The team is highly skilled and versatile, combining business acumen to understand requirements with technical expertise to develop scalable solutions.

Why did you decide to join Huspy?

I have always thrived in fast-paced environments, and two of the startups I previously worked at went public during my tenure. I joined Huspy to be part of another rocketship that aims to surpass these achievements in a scalable and sustainable way. The vision, culture, and team of dedicated hustlers at Huspy truly inspired me, as they have the skills and drive to achieve unprecedented growth.

What is your favorite team ritual at Huspy?

I really look forward to the Monthly Town Halls. They are a great way to meet everyone and get insights into the business and new updates for the organization.

What’s your team currently building?

We're focused on optimizing the user experience in our CRM. Currently, we're enhancing opportunity funnel rules to ensure faster turnaround times and quicker service delivery for our customers.

What achievement are you most proud of from your time at Huspy so far?

I'm most proud of how we've built the Real Estate business in the UAE. It's been a significant achievement, and I'm proud to be part of this journey.

How do you envision the future of the CRM function at Huspy?

I see CRM as the heart of our business, evolving into a comprehensive hub for all data—from business and finance to communications and beyond. Our goal is to enhance current functionalities to unlock new dimensions of the product's potential.

Describe Huspy in three words. 

Hustling. Grounded. Rocketship.

Written by People Team

Published on 24 April 2024

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