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Introducing our new Proposal Creation System for Mortgage Brokers

It’s here! We’ve launched a Proposal Creation System for mortgage brokers. This feature enables brokers to create professional proposals for their clients in minutes.

At Huspy our mission is to revolutionize the home buying industry. That means rethinking every aspect of what goes into the biggest transaction of a homebuyer's life, and a big part of that is the proposal they receive from their mortgage broker, showcasing the top offers that are available to them.

Through market research and multiple interviews with mortgage brokers in the region, it was clear that brokers needed a tool that gave them the ability to generate these proposals in a way that is professional, customizable, and quick.

To answer this need, we're launching a brand new Proposal Creation System on our Mortgage Broker Portal. ""Our main objective is to provide mortgage brokers with a tool that empowers them and frees up their time, so they can focus on what matters – their clients,” says Aline Capelatto, Senior Product Manager at Huspy.

Read on to learn about the features that make it special.

Quick and easy to use

We know time is money, so we simplified the interface making it easier to use and therefore faster to generate a proposal. It now only takes a few minutes to create a professional proposal from start to finish.

Customizable proposals

It’s important for brokers to be able to customize their proposals to build trust with their clients. Brokers aren’t designers so we made it easy to add a company logo and pick a company color to make proposals customized and professional with minimal effort and time.

Latest bank rates and products

Arguably the most important part of creating a proposal is having access to the latest bank offers. After brokers input their client’s detail our algorithm pulls the best and most up-to-date bank offers based on their client’s information. Brokers can select up to 3 offers to include in their proposals to give their clients options to compare.

We’re excited to see how this tool will help enable our partners to provide the best experience for their clients. If you’re a broker and haven’t tried it yet log in or sign up and give it a go. If you have feedback about the Proposal Creation System please send it directly to your Account Manager.

Written by Huspy Team

Published on 25 February 2022

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