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Technology making real estate faster, simpler and smarter

From calling clients to running from viewing to viewing, real estate agents are always on the move and need to make use of their time efficiently. So how has the digital revolution made working in real estate smarter?

What is property technology?

Property technology, or Proptech, is all the tools that optimize the homebuying journey – searching, buying, renting, and selling. But this doesn’t just benefit homebuyers, it can benefit all parties in the industry.

Some of the latest technologies in real estate that can help agents

Data, data, data

Depending on your needs, a growing number of data tools make tracking and documenting large amounts of data more convenient. CRM tools, in particular, help you record your lead sources so you can see which marketing efforts are effective and allow you to follow up with old leads and past clients on time.

Paperwork automation

E-closing saves time wrapping up deals with the use of paperwork automation tools, like HelloSign and DocuSign. E-signatures can be used for some documentation for closing a deal, so there’s less need for the agent or the client to have to go back and forth to finalize the property purchase.

Digital lead engagement

Marketing your property listings and getting in contact with more potential leads with the use of technology has also improved over time. Some Ai technologies now allow you to qualify leads based on characteristics and historic behavioral data based on leads with similar qualities.

Virtual viewings

Virtual viewings help cut down time spent running to viewing after viewing, particularly with parties that aren’t interested in buying a home then. Whether they’re 3D tours or video walkthroughs, these tools also help customers start to get a better feel of the property space even before seeing it in person.

How Huspy technology can help a real estate agent's day-to-day?

The Huspy Agent app is designed to make handling mortgage cases simpler and faster to handle for real estate agents. With the app, you can:

Submit a client directly from your contacts

It couldn't be easier to submit a client – simply import from your contacts or type in their details. We'll do the rest.

Easily track your clients’ progression

With full visibility of your client’s mortgage case progressions, you’ll be able to keep them up-to-date and deliver a stress-free mortgage process.

Manage your mortgage cases in one place

Our agent app allows you to submit mortgage leads, track each client's progress, and earn market-leading commission.

Calculate client eligibility

Easily prioritize your workload by checking every client's eligibility with our mortgage calculator.

Written by Huspy Team

Published on 12 December 2022

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