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What to look for when viewing a property

Viewing properties is probably the most tedious part of home buying, but almost unavoidable (unless you’ve got an amazing Huspy agent) in order to shortlist the right properties that meet your criteria.

what to look for when viewing property in UAE

The experience of viewing a potential home is exciting. So much so, there’s always the risk that you’re so overwhelmed that you forget to check all the important factors in determining whether a property is suitable for purchase and matches your criteria.

To help you out on your next viewing, we’ve asked our expert team to help us create a house inspection checklist that includes some of the most important things to look out for when going to a property viewing

Location! Location! Location!

Make sure you get all your questions and concerns regarding the location and area clarified. This will give you a perspective of proximity from landmarks, commute time and options and even return on investment in the future.

What’s included in and outside the property?

Ask what fixtures and fittings are used in the house and how long it has been installed. Get all the additional information including access to amenities, dedicated parking spaces, guest facilities, etc. This will help you understand the quality of furnishings and other entitlements in your community.

Sunrise or sunset?

The position of the sun can have quite an impact on how you enjoy your home. Morning sun might not be the best option in the bedroom, but great for your kitchen and dining area. In a city like Dubai, the cooler parts of your home would ideally be the bedrooms for a comfortable night of sleep.

Back to basics

It’s important to make sure the basics are working correctly. Turn the lights on and off, make sure the floor isn’t damaged or creaking, that there aren’t any cracks or exposed wiring, and even that all the doors and windows are opening and closing correctly.

Check for recent renovations and scope for the future

Ask about the recent renovations or modifications in the ready-to-move property. Also, if you have plans on making adaptations to the property, it’s best to ask early on to avoid disappointment.

Learn about the developer

Every homeowner expects to have the best value for money and when it comes to an investment of a lifetime, you definitely don’t want to miss out on that. Ask about the developer, their other projects, and what other buyers/residents have to say about them to know if this is the right project and developer for you.

Bring a friend along

It’s good to have a second opinion before falling in love and dropping a down payment on a property. You can bounce off ideas for what’s missing or what works, and a friend or partner will know if it matches your vibe or not. 

Discover the best payment and financing options

Buying a home is a huge investment and you would want to have the most feasible payment options to stay away from any financial burden that may come along with this purchase.

Tip: ask your consultant about Huspy's home financing options

Lastly, don’t forget that our team will go the full mile to find real-time solutions to all your queries. We are committed to making home buying simpler than ever. If you’re ready to start your home buying journey, call us on +971 (4) 581 3616 or start searching for properties online

Written by Huspy Team

Published on 3 February 2023

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