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Explore Jumeirah: an area guide to the neighborhood

Jumeirah is a luxurious coastal neighborhood in Dubai known for its high-end hotels, stunning beaches, and upscale residential properties. The area features beautiful architecture, scenic waterfront views, and a vibrant community with plenty of dining and entertainment options.

Explore Jumeirah: an area guide to the neighborhood

Price per square feet

Avg. AED 1,890/sqft

Price range

AED 700k - AED 145m

What do you need to know about Jumeirah in Dubai

Jumeirah is a sought-after neighborhood in Dubai that offers residents an unparalleled luxury living experience. Situated along the coast, Jumeirah boasts breathtaking waterfront views, pristine beaches, and a wide range of high-end residential properties. Homebuyers and real estate investors interested in the Jumeirah area have a plethora of options, from stunning villas to luxurious apartments and penthouses. One of the main attractions of Jumeirah is its beautiful architecture, which blends traditional and modern elements to create a unique and sophisticated ambiance. The area is also known for its bustling community, with numerous dining and entertainment options available to residents and visitors alike. Some of the most popular spots include the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, the sprawling Dubai Mall, and the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque. Beyond its natural beauty and cultural landmarks, Jumeirah is also a highly desirable location due to its convenient location. The neighborhood is situated just a short drive from Dubai's central business district, making it an ideal choice for professionals looking for a luxurious yet practical living experience. Overall, Jumeirah is an excellent option for those seeking the ultimate luxury living in Dubai.

Apartments and Villas for sale in Jumeirah


The property market in this area is growing fast and the prices are competitive. There are plenty of great options for home buyers and real estate investors who are looking for an area with great potential for growth.


Thanks to its location, this area is a great choice for anyone looking for easy access to the city's amenities and attractions.


The neighborhood of Jumeirah is a great option for those looking to purchase or invest in a property in Dubai. The area is well connected, with easy access to public transport, shops and other amenities.

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